Enhance Indoor Air Quality Using Microenvironment Approach

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a global issue since as early as the 1950s. There is a proven, direct correlation between poor IAQ and poor respiratory health, among many other health risks. Because of the most recent global pandemic, the last few years have brought newfound attention to this very important topic. Today, every building should be thinking about strategies to improve their indoor air quality while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable.

Stark Tech, a leader in facility optimization, and Healthway, a global leader in air purification systems, partnered together to engineer a solution that uses a microenvironment approach to ultimately create mini cleanrooms inside any commercial or educational space and doesn’t place added load onto existing HVAC infrastructure. Stark Tech and Healthway Family of Brands, a global leader in air purification systems, designed and engineered a fan filtering unit (FFU) to address the new ASHRAE guidelines with a solution that improves ventilation, increases eACH, and draws less than 2 amps of power to operate.

The Fan Filter Unit (FFU) technology improves:

  1. Ventilation
  2. Equivalent Air Changes an Hour (eACH)
  3. Energy Efficiency

Stark Tech specializes in Intelligent Building Solutions and is a leader in facility optimization, indoor air quality, and aligning technology with real-world experience across a diverse portfolio of capabilities. 

Additionally, we are a single agent source for Building Automation, Intelligence & Equipment offering a unique customer experience throughout the building lifecycle. 

Because we are a collaborative, cross-functional team working together to provide integrative, cost-effective solutions with in-house expertise for any type of building, portfolio or project.

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