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Building Intelligence to Reduce Cost & Waste

Critical Information for Better Business Outcomes

Stark Tech Building Intelligence transforms operations & building performance with intelligent solutions and expert services. Through best-in-class technology and industry-leading expertise, Stark Tech Building Intelligence harnesses billions of points of data to execute energy & operational strategies designed to solve business challenges.

“Before the IoT-Enabled Building Energy Management system, I would spend hours traveling to remote sites to perform routine maintenance. Now, getting real-time information about those remote sites, I only make those trips when needed, saving me time and fuel.”

– Facility technician, AT&T, Central region

Enterprise Building Management System
Visualize and manage multiple sites by leveraging existing building management system technology for insights that kickstart a smart building strategy across your real estate portfolio.

“Digitizing our utility bills not only streamlined processes in our office, but it also provided transparency of cost and identified inefficiencies in our technology.”

– Financial Comptroller, government agency

Utility Bill Management System
Digitalize utility data to benchmark building performance against similar profiles and identify risk. Build an energy master plan with short-and longer-term solutions that address inefficiencies in building management system, equipment, and processes.

Our Story

Stark is a leader in comprehensive intelligent building solutions that brings together a diverse and specialized group of technologies, services and expertise. We understand our clients and their unique needs. Our highly calibrated team works to ensure successful execution of technology installation, commissioning and service. Our team’s “can do” attitude is the result of a company culture that promotes personal and professional grow through continuous training and development.

Customized Building Intelligence Solutions

When everything works together, everything works better.

Case Study

Stark Tech partners with customers to identify a broad landscape of solutions designed to solve building, infrastructure, and business problems.

Using Stark’s proprietary software, ControlFreak, Stark conducts a no-cost evaluation of a single building or multiple buildings in a portfolio.

ControlFreak digitizes utility bill data to analyze energy consumption and uncover any potential operational-related issues. Each site is benchmarked against national energy spend for buildings of similar profiles.

Case Study

The second largest real-estate owner in North America leverages real-time data from Opteliigent to drill into the details and performance of each building in their real estate portfolio. An aggregated view of the data is also used to understand which assets have high energy performance and which ones are low. Data visualization through intuitive dashboards makes it easy to understand information needed to manage the assets and report on energy use across the entire building portfolio.

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