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Enterprise Building Management System

Collect & Analyze Building Data to Deliver Actionable Insights.

Stark’s Enterprise Building Management Systems uses software to harness billions of points of data to deliver a scalable Energy Platform as a Service. This data is used to drive modernization and operational benefits by integrating disparate building systems across real-estate portfolios to deliver insights into a single platform, enabling remote equipment monitoring and energy optimization.

Reduce Energy Costs and Consumption to Build Sustainable Operations at all Locations.

Master Systems Integration
Multi-year Financial Budgeting &
Capital Preservation
Cost Management &

Advance Technology

Leveraging Building and Industrial Internet of Things technology – sensors, analytics and visualization – to gain real-time insights into the health and profitability of your building(s). Stark's capabilities enable long-term, data-driven strategies with speed and expertise at your fingertips.

Enterprise Building Management System

Enterprise Building Management System Overview

A multidisciplinary approach to intelligent building solutions that unifies data, so that maximum efficiency performance and life extension of critical facility systems and equipment can be achieved.

Gain visibility, insights and data-driven action by understanding:

  • Utility usage at all buildings
  • Maintenance prioritization
  • Workforce deployment with scheduling and equipment needs prior to visit
  • Analytics for future planning

Operations Optimization

A new reality for building portfolios, empowering organizations to make smarter decisions to reduce costs, optimize mission-critical operations, and enhance productivity.

  • Summary of recent events across portfolio
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Weekly Lost Opportunity
  • Monthly Average Fault Duration
  • Equipment type overview for easy comparison
  • Trend analytics

Customized Solutions

Building IoT Integration
System Performance Analysis
Energy & Utility
Remote Constant Commissioning
Alarm Management
Maintenance & Operations Planning
Portfolio-wide retrocommissioning
Cyber Security

Industries & Case Studies

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