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Building Controls & Automation

Stark Tech is a master systems integrator that specializes in building controls & automation, bringing expertise in technology infrastructure, internet of things integration, and other digital technologies.

Turning Data into Action, Driving Business Value

Maximize Building Efficiency

20% Savings Increase

25% Cost Reduction

30% Faster Deployment

Improve Comfort & Productivity

33% Fewer Complaints

35% Reduced Sick Leaves

15% Lower Productivity Leakage

Increase Building Value

80% Issues Resolved Remotely

30% Decrease in Unscheduled Maintenance

Building Controls & Automation Solutions that Future Proof Buildings

Delivering intelligent results with technology, expertise & service

Continuous Monitoring
Customized Facility Dashboards
Energy Metering, Reporting & Tracking
Fault Detection & Diagnostics
HVAC Controls
Lighting Systems Integration
Mechanical System Integration
Secure Remote Access Capability
System Analytics

Industries & Case Studies

Service Department
Our service department works with the end user to build maintenance programs that work to improve comfort and ventilation while controlling costs and reducing unplanned downtime. Our service and engineering team works strategically with staff to take a proactive approach to energy-saving opportunities. Available 24/7 for emergency calls, our team also performs routine preventive maintenance to alert customers to vulnerabilities to system failures, before they become serious.

Northeast United States

Southeast United States

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