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Protective Systems

Stark Tech is your protective systems security partner for scalable, integrated security solutions from design to implementation.

Keeping Occupants Safe with Protective Systems

Customized integration solutions with an easy-to-use interface that applies advanced levels of configurable, programmable logic to meet each building’s unique needs. Our master system integration unifies building security infrastructure with building management systems for faster, more efficient, and potentially life-saving decisions in the field.
System Integration
  • Unifies access control and building management systems to reduce complexity & time spent 
  • Computes large data sets into secure customized analysis & reports
Scalable, Resiliant Architecture
  • Available for small, mid and large enterprise environments
  • Extensive capabilities, storage of millions of credentials in offline memory
Network integration w/ 3rd party system access
  • Unifies entire building security infrastructure using standard industry protocols
  • Easy to configure for faster deployment time and access to third-party systems

Protective Systems Applications

Access Controls
Asset Management
Chemical Detection
Elevated Body
Temperature Scanning
Fire & Life Safety
Intrusion Detection
Mass Notification Systems
Nurse Call
Public Announcement & Clocks
Visitor Management
Video Surveillance

Industries & Case Studies

Strategic Partners

We partner with leading security system manufacturers to integrate sophisticated technology for truly smart applications that meet the needs of the facility today and can scale for tomorrow.

Service Department

Our service department works with the end user to build maintenance programs that work to improve comfort and ventilation while controlling cost and reducing unplanned downtime. Our service and engineering team works strategically with staff to take a proactive approach to energy saving opportunities. Available 24/7 for emergency calls, our team also performs routine preventive maintenance to alert customers to vulnerabilities to system failures, before they become serious.

Energy Management

In addition to routine maintenance programs, a key initiative of our engineering and service team is to work with the HVAC control systems to ensure well run and energy efficiency in our customers’ buildings.

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