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Stark Tech

Dynamic Commissioning

We take a proactive approach in commissioning with proven results in reducing operating, maintenance and energy costs. Our commissioning process is quality oriented, achieving, verifying, and documenting that mechanical, electrical, domestic hot water, and renewable energy systems and assemblies are operating as intended.

Construction & Renovation

Quality service that keeps HVAC equipment running its very best


Functional testing of select equipment for optimization

New Construction

Ensures buildings & equipment are installed & operating properly

Existing Building

Systematic process for evaluating operations to meet original design & intent


Ongoing process that resolves problems and improves quality and energy use of equipment

Industries & Case Studies

Experienced engineers, technicians providing quality service

Service Department

Our service department works with the end user to build maintenance programs that work to improve comfort and ventilation while controlling cost and reducing unplanned downtime. Our service and engineering team works strategically with staff to take a proactive approach to energy saving opportunities. Available 24/7 for emergency calls, our team also performs routine preventive maintenance to alert customers to vulnerabilities to system failures, before they become serious.

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Energy Management

In addition to routine maintenance programs, a key initiative of our engineering and service team is to work with the HVAC control systems to ensure well run and energy efficiency in our customers’ buildings.

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