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Enterprise Building Management System

Collect & Analyze Building Data to Deliver Actionable Insights.

Stark’s Enterprise Building Management Solution uses software to harness billions of points of data to deliver a scalable Energy Platform as a Service. This data is used to drive modernization and operational benefits by integrating disparate building systems across real-estate portfolios to deliver insights into a single platform, enabling remote equipment monitoring and energy optimization.

Reduce energy costs and consumption to build sustainable operations at all locations.

Master Systems Integration
Multi-year Financial Budgeting &
Capital Preservation
Cost Management &

Advance Technology

Leveraging Building and Industrial Internet of Things technology – sensors, analytics and visualization – to gain real-time insights into the health and profitability of your building(s). Stark's capabilities enable long-term, data-driven strategies with speed and expertise at your fingertips.

Enterprise Building Management System

EBMS Overview

A multidisciplinary approach to building connectivity that unifies data, so that maximum efficiency performance and life extension of critical facility systems and equipment can be achieved.

Gain visibility, insights and data-driven action by understanding: 

  • Utility usage at all buildings
  • Maintenance prioritization 
  • Workforce deployment with scheduling and equipment needs prior to visit
  • Analytics for future planning

Operations Optimization

A new reality for building portfolios, empowering organizations to make smarter decisions to reduce costs, optimize mission-critical operations, and enhance productivity.

  • Summary of recent events across portfolio
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Weekly Lost Opportunity
  • Monthly Average Fault Duration
  • Equipment type overview for easy comparison
  • Trend analytics

Customized Solutions

Building IoT Integration
System Performance Analysis
Energy & Utility
Remote Constant Commissioning
Alarm Management
Maintenance & Operations Planning
Portfolio-wide retrocommissioning
Cyber Security

Industries & Case Studies

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