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LithTech develops client solutions for best-in-class energy storage and provides engineering support for any stage of the project scope.

About LithTech Products

Smart battery designs for high demand applications.

Proprietary Battery Management
Cloud-based dispatch, promoting economic operation
Lithium-Iron Phosphate with a Cobalt-free battery chemistry
Support & expertise with turnkey capabilities
10-year warranty
Outdoor rating IP65 + IP55
+ IP54
25+ years of battery solutions & technology
250MW+ program installs worldwide to date

Battery Storage, Renewables & Microgrid Technology

Lithtech's LFP batteries offer unparalleled reliability and are the highest quality BESS technologies on the market.

The Future of Energy

Industry leading BESS technology for low-cost, high power density GWh scale projects.

LFP Battery Storage

  • Giga-scale projects
  • All-in-one system
  • 40% less space
  • Fast installation with fully integrated systems
  • Advanced RT management

& Demand Response

  • Discharge at times of peak-load
  • Reduce demands on distribution & transmission infrastructure

Renewable Energy Smoothing

  • Smooth out intermittency of renewables
  • Increase load during off-peak (charging)
  • Power load during high peak

T&D Investment Deferral

  • Supply power at distributed locations
  • Defer upgrading aging transmission infrastructure as non-wire improvement alternative

Voltage Support

  • Power factor correction
  • Absorb reactive power from the inverters to maintain local grid voltage levels

Frequency Regulation

  • Maintain grid sustainability by rapidly changing charge
  • Or discharge power in response to changes in grid frequency

Microgrid & EV Charging Demands

Build a localized grid that can be disconnected from the main power grid. In addition, support increased demand for EV charging stations.

Turnkey Solutions

Years of experience in clean-tech, delivering applied solutions that blend BESS products, IT technologies and in-house expertise. We partner with end users, utilities, developers, integrators & ESCOs. Our solutions ensure resiliency, quality power, scalability, & energy and power management

MEP Design
Microgrid Control Systems
Energy Master Planning
Custom Solutions
Support & Resources

We enable low-cost, high density residential to gigawatt-hour scale systems with a focus on reliability and lowest cost of ownership. emails 

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