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Lithtech manufactures best-in-class, utility-grade LFP BESS technologies & battery cells, so you can operate "Life Uninterrupted."

About Gridbox

Smart battery designs for high demand applications.

Proprietary Battery Management
Cloud-based dispatch, promoting economic operation
Lithium-Iron Phosphate with a Cobalt-free battery chemistry
Support & expertise with turnkey capabilities
10-year warranty
Outdoor rating IP65 + IP55
+ IP54
25+ years of battery solutions & technology
250MW+ program installs worldwide to date

Battery Storage, Renewables & Microgrid Technology

Lithtech's LFP batteries offer unparalleled reliability and are the highest quality BESS technologies on the market. Lithtech manufacturers its own LFP cells, which are UL 9540 IEC-rated & CE.

The Future of Energy

Industry leading BESS technology for low-cost, high power density GWh scale projects.

LFP Battery Storage

  • Giga-scale projects
  • All-in-one system
  • 40% less space
  • Fast installation with fully integrated systems
  • Advanced RT management

& Demand Response

  • Discharge at times of peak-load
  • Reduce demands on distribution & transmission infrastructure

Renewable Energy Smoothing

  • Smooth out intermittency of renewables
  • Increase load during off-peak (charging)
  • Power load during high peak

T&D Investment Deferral

  • Supply power at distributed locations
  • Defer upgrading aging transmission infrastructure as non-wire improvement alternative

Voltage Support

  • Power factor correction
  • Absorb reactive power from the inverters to maintain local grid voltage levels

Frequency Regulation

  • Maintain grid sustainability by rapidly changing charge
  • Or discharge power in response to changes in grid frequency

Microgrid & EV Charging Demands

Build a localized grid that can be disconnected from the main power grid. In addition, support increased demand for EV charging stations.

Turnkey Solutions

Years of development in battery manufacturing, delivering applied solutions that blend BESS products, IT technologies and in-house expertise. We partner with end users, utilities, developers, integrators & ESCOs. Our solutions ensure resiliency, quality power, scalability, & energy and power management

MEP Design
Microgrid Control Systems
Energy Master Planning
Custom Solutions
Support & Resources

We enable low-cost, high density residential to gigawatt-hour scale systems with a focus on reliability and lowest cost of ownership. emails 

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