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We Are a Single-Source Supplier of Complete Renewable Natural Gas Plants

Stark Tech is a turnkey solutions provider for buildings and energy applications.

Renewable Natural Gas Solutions


High Methane Recovery
High Nitrogen Removal
Higher Turn Down and Operational Flexibility

Single-Source Supplier of Complete RNG Plant

The process of converting raw biogas or landfill gas into clean, green, renewable natural gas is complex. Each component needs to be handled and treated differently, with operating processes that remove impurities. Stark Tech’s integrated Renewable Natural Gas solutions do just that.

We deliver scalable, turnkey RNG plants that handle and treat the most common and most difficult components, creating renewable natural gas that meets the highest pipeline quality standards.

Turnkey. Design. Build.

Biogas Dehydration

Esssential pre-treatment process for feedstock RNG due to significant levels of moisture content.

Biogas – Desulfurization

Use of activated carbon as desulfurization media.

Carbon Dioxide Separation

Methane is separated from the carbon dioxide resulting in very pure methane gas flow.


Removes all oxygen and moisture to ppm levels.

Feed Gas Compressor

Increases pressure to 220 psig.

Low Pressure Dehydration

Remove moisture for compression.

Membrane System

Removes all carbon dioxide.

Nitrogen Rejection

Pressure swing absorption, cryogenic separation, and lean oil absorption are employed to remove nitrogen from natural gas.

NMOC & Siloxanes Removal

Reduces VOCs and Siloxane.


Controls the release of hazardous waste streams to the atmosphere.

Sales Gas Compressor

Raises the pressure of the RNG to required gas line pressures.

Service Department
As an energy service company, our service team works with the end user to build maintenance programs that work to improve comfort and ventilation while controlling cost and reducing unplanned downtime. Our service and engineering team works strategically with staff to take a proactive approach to energy saving opportunities. Available 24/7 for emergency calls, our team also performs routine preventive maintenance to alert customers to vulnerabilities to system failures, before they become serious.

CALL: (716) 693 – 4490

Energy Management
Whether it’s a single building or a national real estate enterprise, our Energy Management Systems can unlock untapped savings potential by controlling & managing your energy use. In addition to routine maintenance programs, a key initiative of our engineering and service team is to work with the HVAC control systems to ensure well run and energy efficiency in our customers’ buildings.

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